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On your next travel, book the perfect hotel!

Updated: Mar 29

Best hotel booking sites

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Imagine waking up in a hotel room with breathtaking views. Now, imagine finding that hotel without breaking the bank.

It's possible with these tips and tools.

The hotel you choose can impact the experience of your adventure and have an influence on your travel.

Before you travel, research and plan your hotel stay in advance. Start by determining the location and duration of your trip.

Think about your purpose. Do you want to explore a city, relax on a beach, or immerse yourself in a cultural experience? This will help you narrow the search and find hotels aligned with your goals and life-style.

When choosing a hotel, you should consider factors that can impact your experience.

Determine your budget. This will help you cut hotels beyond your financial means.

Next, consider the location of the hotel. Is it well-located near popular attractions, restaurants, and transportation hubs? Google Maps helps you visualize your exact location and available transportation options. Is it in a safe and secure neighborhood?

These factors are relevant for both your convenience and safety during the trip.

Then, check the amenities and services offered by the hotel. Does it have a fitness center, swimming pool, or spa? Does it include breakfast or Wi-Fi services? Those can enhance your stay!

Read reviews:

Once you have narrowed your list of potential hotels, read online reviews. Previous guests can provide insights into the quality of service, cleanliness, and experience.

Look for patterns. We first check the worst reviews to know what to expect. When it relates to cleanliness, it is a deal breaker.

Caution when reading online reviews, as some may be misleading. Account the rating and read a mix of positive and negative reviews to get a balanced perspective.

We eventually booked hotels based on the excellent reviews. But, let me say, they were far from what we expected.

The prime location was in the middle of shipping containers. The superb room was ten, yes, ten square meters! The pool was the size of a bathtub and crowded with children. Be fair-play, smile, and let it go!

Some reliable sources are Google, TripAdvisor, and the platform itself.

Best hotel booking sites to book the Perfect Hotel:

Below some options we always use and recommend.When you buy something using the links, we may earn coffee money at no cost to you.

1. is the largest hotel booking site. It offers options from boutique hotels to luxury resorts. Nowadays, you can also book apartments on the platform.

With over 28 million listings you will certainly find a place you like. Available in more than 40 languages worldwide.

They used to offer free cancellation on almost all properties, but recently that changed.

Booking accepts all major credit cards. The user experience is straightforward. You can filter by star rating, neighborhood, amenities and price range.

They have customer service 24/7 by phone or mail, which I never had to use.

Users who accumulate points get benefits on future reservations, such as discounts or upgrades.

2. recently combined its platform with Expedia and VRBO for apartment rentals. They don't have as many listing as Booking but still enough to find what you are looking for.

Use their app for last minute deals with discounts up to 40% for a same day check.

They accept all major credit cards and even PayPal. The experience is as simple as Bookings.

Lately, they offer more pay-later accommodations and have better prices than in the past. I had to contact their customer service once. They immediately called me and solved the issue.

Their program rewards you with one free night for every 10 nights booked.

3. In addition to hotels, at Expedia, you can also book flights and cars. If you need to book flights and hotels for your trip, Expedia lets you do it all in one easy user interface. By booking your flight and hotel reservation together, you can save some cash on your trip. But check the hotel and airline prices on other websites to compare prices before booking.

Start the search through the widget below.

Fill out where you want to go, the check-in and check-out dates and search. Sort & Filter the options by stars, location, price and book one as per your convenience.

3. Radisson is a worldwide renowned hotel chain. It offers rooms at different prices. From the budget-friendly Prizehotel to the luxurious Collection, you will find the right one for you. Its rewards program offers exclusive perks like discounts and upgrades. Booking directly can be better if you have any special requirement.

4. Hilton: has 13 different brands. The Waldorf Astoria does not need recall and offers unforgettable experiences around the world. You can also try the modern Home2suits with more affordable prices.

Most likely, you will find the same hotel on all the hotel booking sites. Compare the prices for the same kind of room. Check the payment rules.

Most hotels, on all platforms offer the option of booking with free cancellation. Sometimes, you will have to pay in advance. For others, it will be a non-reimbursable rate. We prefer to pay later, at the hotel, even with a higher rate.

Go ahead! Start planning your next adventure and book the perfect hotel!

Have you booked your next trip? Share below how you do it.


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