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Freedom on Wheels: Rent a Car to Explore the World

Updated: Apr 1

Train or car

car rental
rent a car and explore the world

Train or car? Hard to choose. The choice depends on the type of trip and ease of transportation to the destination.

We are not talking about train rides like the Orient Express or Belmond British Pullman. Those experiences deserve a post of their own. We'll focus on the pros and cons of trains and rental cars for general travel.

Do you need to do some work or want to read? Catch a train! Go for a train for a more relaxed travel experience. Enjoy the scenery!

A speedy train can be a blessing when traveling long distances, chiefly if there aren't many breathtaking stops. It can also be more cost-effective as they often have fixed fares. Keep in mind, though, that train tickets are becoming more expensive each year.

If you are driving between big cities, the train might be better. A car in big centers can be confusing, and parking is almost impossible.

It will make a difference if you are traveling alone or in a group. The more you are, the more cost-effective will be the car.

Too many bags? Forget the train! It is hard enough to put them onto the train while hundreds of people are behind you, rushing to embark. Finding a space to accommodate them can also be a pain.

For the freedom to explore remote places and make stops at scenic spots, a rental car is the better option. When you are driving, you can walk through small villages and grab a coffee with locals.

Travel at your own pace, with no timetables and no rush. The car mobility will allow you to stop whenever you want or change plans as you feel.

Renting a car comes with added costs like tolls, fuel, and parking.

Ultimately, the choice between a train and a rental car is a trade-off between reliability, convenience, and personal budget.

Where to Rent a Car

When renting a car, you should choose a reliable company. Avis, Hertz, Europcar and Sixt offer a range of vehicles and dependable customer service. While smaller rental firms may offer lower rates, they may not provide the same reliability and convenience.

(affiliate links below, we may earn a commission on any purchase at no cost to you)

For the best prices, compare rates on websites like Rentalcars or DiscoverCars. The two biggest rental car comparison websites. Both have great brand recognition and solid deals. They work with over 400 rental companies and are present in over 150 countries.

Sixt is a cost-effective car rental company with a global presence. We have never experienced any issues with their service or car quality. You can reserve and book online without a credit card.

Car Rental Process

The car rental process is simple. Select the duration, vehicle type, and pick-up and drop-off locations.

When booking, check if the price includes basic insurance coverage for damages and liability protection. For some renters, it might be enough. Extra coverage may be worth considering for added peace of mind.

For an extra fee, you can add a driver. Unlimited kilometers may be available. If not, you should consider the cost of each additional mile. Review the agreement to understand any fees and limitations.

Present ID, driver's license, and credit card on the day of the appointment. The company will charge you a guarantee for any potential damages. At check-out, if everything is fine, they will reverse the amount.

In some countries, an international driving permit (IDP)is necessary to rent a car. An IDP is a travel document that allows driving in foreign countries regulated by the United Nations.

We recently went to Scotland and planned to rent a car from Alamo. At check-in, they requested an IDP, which we did not have. We could not rent the car!

We contacted Sixt, who requested an official translation as a minimum requirement. We rented a car from Avis, who did not require additional documents.

To avoid any issues, we suggest obtaining an IDP online in advance. Visit for more information.

Are you ready to hit the road and plan the perfect trip? Let us know your preference!


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