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Vineyards & Velos: A Rioja Bike Adventure with DuVine

Updated: Jun 18

Rioja Cycling

Have you ever felt routine suffocate you? Do you dream of a vacation in a place that takes you out of the ordinary?

One fine day, I woke up exactly like this. All I wanted most was somewhere that combined physical activity, beauty, good food, and lots of wine!!

Spain Map

After some research, I found the ideal place: Rioja, in Spain.

I had the opportunity to embark on a 6-day bike journey through this spectacular region of Spain, accompanied by the incredible DuVine team. And I want to share this experience with you.

My adventure in Rioja was magical! I can say that I came back completely revitalized!

From the moment I decided to make Rioja my next adventure destination, I knew I was in for a memorable experience.

Choosing Duvine as my traveling companion was not by chance; their reputation for creating unique and personalized experiences spoke directly to my adventurous spirit.

Rioja Cycling

And so, with the bicycle as my faithful companion, I set off to explore the wonders of Rioja.

I must say, however, that before this trip, the last model bike I had was a simple Caloi with no gears! I had no idea how to change them!

And would I, with no cycling experience, be able to complete the planned 40km a day?

Fortunately, the tour had the support of a van, ready to give us a ride at any time!

Preparing for the Journey


Preparing for this bike tour through Rioja was part of the excitement. The meeting point was a hotel in Madrid, where Duvine brought together the 10 tour participants, including me, the only Brazilian in the group.

On the way to Rioja, I felt butterflies in my stomach! All the other participants had been training for 3 months, while I had decided to venture out just a week before! I quietly thanked them for the van!

Duvine did an exceptional job of ensuring every detail was perfect, from the equipment to the routes we would take.

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DuVine's Choice

Back then, the bike tour operators were Butterfield & Robinson, Backroads, Gray & Co., and DuVine.

Founded in 1996, DuVine is a leader in the cycling segment, and its fundamentals have always been cycling, eating, drinking, and sleeping very well.

Its tours focus on haute cuisine, luxurious hotels, and access to spots discovered by the team. Your guides are locals, meaning they know every nook and cranny of the place. They offer experienced guides and complete technical support.

The DuVine Cycling team is made up of passionate, experienced cyclists who are dedicated to making your trip unforgettable. They offer personalized support, share local knowledge, and ensure you feel safe and confident throughout your journey.

It was considered the best Tour operator in 2023 by Travel Leisure.


  • High-quality equipment. Choose from 4 types of lightweight, high-performance Bikes. They are of the latest generation and, in general, from Cannondale. Nowadays they even offer electric bicycles! They provide comfortable, weather-appropriate shirts and accessories to ensure safety and comfort.

  • Full technical support. Experienced mechanics are available for bike adjustments and repairs, ensuring you enjoy every ride worry-free.

  • Luggage transported: Your luggage will be transported between cities, allowing you to pedal lightly and make the most of each stop.

  • Tastings and Dining Experiences. Savor local cuisine at renowned restaurants and participate in wine tastings at award-winning wineries.

  • Optional activities. Relax in luxurious spas, join cultural excursions, or explore cities yourself.

  • With DuVine Cycling, you can be sure that your bike ride will be a unique and memorable experience filled with stunning scenery, delicious cuisine, and the opportunity to connect with nature and different cultures.


Marques De Riscal Winery - Rioja

In northern Spain, Rioja boasts more than just breathtaking landscapes and charming villages. Its vocation for viticulture dates back centuries, carving out a unique wine culture that has established it as one of the most important birthplaces of wine worldwide.

Grapes Rioja

The perfect climate combined with the expertise of generations results in exceptional, robust, and elegant red wines. The emblematic Tempranillo grape reigns supreme.

More than a simple label, Rioja represents a passion rooted in tradition and terroir. An invitation to visit ancient wineries, taste award-winning wines, and feel the warm hospitality of those who live for wine.

Get ready for an unforgettable journey through one of the most famous destinations in the world for those who love wine.

If you are a wine lover you must read about Napa and Sonoma Valley, California and Bordeaux in France

First Day: Arrival and First Cycle

Laguardia Rioja

Arriving in Rioja was like entering a living painting. The vines stretched as far as the eye could see, and the sunlight bathed everything in a golden glow.

Bicycles adjusted for each participant, map in hand, water, cereal bars, and off we went! Two guides accompanied us and made sure everyone was ok.

The first ride was a mix of emotion and freedom; each climb and descent revealed new landscapes and the promise of stories to tell.

As for me, despite the emotion, I suffered a lot on the first day. I almost had a private biking lesson! With all the patience in the world, the guide taught me how to change gears.

On the first climb, I had to get off the bike and push it uphill under the ironic gaze of the other participants! But I survived...and I learned!

Vineyards: Exploring the Region by Bike

Over the next few days, we cycled through vineyards on side roads, visited historic wineries, and got lost in the streets of charming villages. Each stop was a chance to taste exceptional wines and immerse yourself in local culture.

DuVine guided us along lesser-known paths, where the beauty of Rioja revealed itself at every turn.

I no longer needed to push the bike up every hill!

Biking Rioja

Tasting award-winning wines and learning about winemaking tradition:

Visits to the wineries were enriching experiences. I tasted award-winning wines, internationally recognized for their exceptional quality. Each sip was an explosion of flavors and aromas, revealing the passion and expertise of local winemakers.

Discovering authentic local life:

We get lost in the streets of charming villages like Haro and Laguardia, where local life beats with its own rhythm. I felt the warm hospitality of the residents, who welcomed me with smiles and stories told with pride.

Immersing yourself in the rich local culture:

I have visited museums that showcase the ancient history of the region. Stroll in vibrant markets where fresh produce is celebrated! Took part in traditional festivals that celebrate Rioja's culture and cuisine. Each experience brought me closer to the region's soul and made me feel part of the community.

Revealing Rioja's best-kept secrets:

DuVine Cycling guided me along lesser-known paths. I discovered breathtaking landscapes, welcoming family wineries, and authentic experiences.

The Experience: Support, Accommodation and Gastronomy

Biking vineyards Rioja

The support offered by Duvine was impeccable. At every step of the journey, I felt supported and encouraged.

The accommodation chosen reflected the charm and authenticity of Rioja, while the gastronomy... oh, the gastronomy! Each meal was a celebration of local flavors, a true sensory journey.

Lunch was always at a winery or inn. Hearty meal washed down with lots of wine. But in the end, there were still around 15 km to cover.

I confess I had no doubts. I got into the van, relaxed, and enjoyed the scenery.

An American told me that I had to live up to the money paid and finish the bike tour. I responded that I paid an additional fee just for the van support. After that day, every time I got into the van, I heard that the Brazilian woman had already given up, and 5 minutes later, all the women joined me!!

The accommodations chosen by Duvine gave me a real immersion in the local culture. Each hotel and guesthouse was unique, with its traditional architecture and welcoming decor, making me feel at home.

Travel tips

  • Climb to the fortress city of Pedraza de la Sierra and visit the Suso and Yuso monasteries in San Millán de la Cogolla, a UNESCO World Heritage city.

  • Explore Laguardia, famous for its restaurants, and visit the best wine museum in the world: Museo Dinastia Vivanco.

  • Natural reserves such as Serra Cebollera are worth the stop.

  • With more than 500 wineries in the region, Rioja is a wine lover's paradise. Visiting the Bodegas and tasting a Marques de Riscal or Murietta is a delicious experience, especially if accompanied by tapas or a roast suckling pig.

Challenges and Overcoming

Yes, how many challenges! But each overcoming was a victory, a reminder that limits are to be overcome. And with each pedal stroke, I felt more connected to this land and myself.

  • I have experienced climbs that tested my endurance. The journey was not without its challenges. The steep climbs tested my physical and mental resistance, but each achievement gave me a feeling of overcoming and accomplishment.

  • Mixed feelings of exhaustion and satisfaction. At times, tiredness came knocking at the door. But the landscape beauty, the support of the team, and the delicious local cuisine gave me the energy I needed to move forward.

  • Crossed boundaries and deep connections. Each ride brought me closer to myself and the region. I felt like my limits were being expanded, and I connected with nature and the culture of Rioja.

Conclusion: The Journey Beyond Pedals

This trip through Rioja was more than a cycling adventure; It was a journey of discoveries, flavors, and friendships. DuVine drove me and opened doors to experiences that will stay with me forever.

And now, I invite you to explore Rioja on two wheels. Allow yourself to live this adventure, feel the wind on your face, and discover the secrets kept among the vineyards.

Rioja awaits you, with its open roads and stories to tell. And who knows, maybe we'll meet there, sharing a toast to life and adventure.

Until the next ride! 🚴‍♂️🍇


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