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Geneva: A Beautiful City on the Shores of Lake Geneva

Updated: Jul 8

Geneva is a small, elegant city bathed by the charming Lac Leman or Lake Geneva. With tourist attractions for all tastes, the city is worth a 2 to 3-day visit.

In this travel blog post, we invite you on an unforgettable tour of Geneva. Explore unmissable attractions and immerse yourself in culture and gastronomy. You will find out why Geneva is a destination that surprises you.

Tourist attractions in Geneva:

The cosmopolitan Swiss city on the shores of Lake Léman delights its visitors. With its historic center charm and the lake's natural beauty, Geneva offers memorable experiences.

  • Leman Lake: Also known as Lake Geneva. Be amazed by the stunning view of the lake, one of the largest in Europe. In winter, admire the water jet over 140 meters high, a unique spectacle. In summer, embark on a cruise and explore the region.

  • Historic center: Walk the clean streets and admire the medieval architecture dating back centuries.

  • Visit the Palace of Nations, UN headquarters, and delve into global diplomacy.

  • Explore the Geneva Museum of Art and History.

Other attractions:

  • Relax in the English Gardens, a green oasis in the city.

  • Climb to the top of St. Peter's Cathedral, a city landmark, and enjoy panoramic views of Geneva.

  • Visit the Patek Philippe Museum and explore the history of Swiss watchmaking.

  • Try delicious local cuisine in one of the charming restaurants.

  • Feast your eyes on incredible watches, jewelry, and fashion stores. Then, calmly sit in one of the cafes and restaurants and savor local delicacies. It's worth checking out the theaters and the opera.

  • During the summer, swim in Lac Leman: both shores of the lake offer bathing spots! Choose yours and enjoy! Read where and safety measures at the official site of the city here.

  • Visit the Jet d'Eau: Geneva's emblematic symbol!

Le Jet d'Eau

A colossal jet of water rises more than 140 meters into the air, launching 500 liters per second. This iconic symbol of Geneva is visible from anywhere in the city. It is an unmissable spectacle.

The Jet d'Eau is the highest water jet in Europe and is turned off in winter. The night is lit up with colorful lights.

In the heart of the city, at the edge of Lake Leman, the Jet is easily accessible by public transport, bicycle, or on foot.

It was built in 1886 as an escape valve for water from the hydroelectric power grid. It quickly became a symbol of Geneva.

Immerse yourself in the Culture and the Arts in Geneva.

The city offers museums, art galleries, theaters, operas, and concerts.

  • Geneva Museum of Art and History: explore the history from Roman times to the present.

  • Patek Philippe Museum: discover the history of Swiss watchmaking. Admire a collection of antique and modern timepieces.

  • Galerie Patrick Cramer: displays works of contemporary art by international artists.

  • Grand Théâtre de Genève: watch world-class operas, ballets and concerts.

  • Victoria Hall: watch classical and contemporary music concerts.

  • L'AMR: watch jazz, blues, and world music concerts.

Indulge in Swiss Gastronomy in Geneva

Geneva's cuisine mixes French, Italian, and Swiss influences.

Raclettes and fondues are typical dishes of the region. Taste them in traditional restaurants. Fondues are unmissable at Auberge de Saviese -20 Rue de Paqui.


  • Café du Center: located in the shopping center, it is a French-Swiss restaurant. The lobster and shrimp risotto is sensational!! The seafood dishes to share - are unmissable! Not to mention the desserts that are part of the delicious flavors of this establishment - 5 Place du Molard.

  • Restaurant Molino - Good pasta and pizza, friendly service -7 Place du Molard Chez Marino -

  • Citadella: Italian restaurant with exceptional cuisine. The space is small, so make a reservation -12 Rue du Perron.

  • Globus Department store, with a small food area. A minimalist version of the French Galeries Lafayette. It has modern counters, excellent service, and elegant attendance. The restaurants serve crepes, tapas, caviar, sushi, salads, seafood, and sweets. Opens from breakfast until happy hour. Prices, however, are high.

Where to stay

Hotel - N’vY Manotel: get away from traditional local hotels. This one is modern, well-located, good service. Parking is available on neighboring streets at permitted times. 18, Rue de Richemont, Paquis.


Despite its reputation for being an unattractive city, Geneva surprises. It is charming and cosmopolitan, with many leisure and gastronomic options.

Do not stay there on the weekend. It is like a phantom city. Take the opportunity to visit the surroundings and the charming towns around Lac Leman! Read the post: Lac Leman in 6 days: Switzerland like you have never seen, and get inspired! Or, very close from there discover the french Annecy, the Venice of the Alps!


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