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Unveiling the House of Windsor: A Dive into Royal History

Updated: Apr 19

Casa de Windsor: descubra a história real

Hello travelers and history lovers! Today, we will take a different road and navigate through culture and heritage. Welcome to a fascinating dive behind the scenes of history and the royal family!

In this post, we invite you to discover the secrets and curiosities of the House of Windsor! One of the most emblematic institutions in the United Kingdom. And why not, in the world!

Since its founding, the House of Windsor has played a central role in British history and culture. It marked generations and influenced traditions around the world.

Get ready to discover intriguing facts, grand ceremonies, and family traditions. We will also explore facts that reveal a unique side of the House of Windsor.

If, like us, you like to spice up any trip with history and knowledge, the saga of the royal family will please you. Behind every tour of the castles of London or Edinburgh, you can feel the House of Windsor aura. The view of each garden, work of art, or royal ceremony is transformed in the light of history.

If you are passionate about history, culture, and travel, this post is for you. So, join us on this journey and discover the secrets behind the legacy of the House of Windsor.

Foundation and Origin of the House of Windsor, UK

Castelo de Windsor

In 1917, King George V founded the House of Windsor. He replaced the previous royal family name, the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, of German origin.

The name change takes place during the First World War. It was a time of strong anti-German sentiment in Britain. King George V chose Windsor, which refers to the castle, one of the oldest royal residences.

The change was seen as a symbol of patriotism and national unity during a turbulent period.

The monarchy of Great Britain, known as the House of Windsor, has undergone changes throughout history. It began to transform at the beginning of the 20th century when the power of kings declined, and the country became a democracy.

The two world wars also brought changes. They highlighted the need to strengthen the relationship between the royal family and the British people.

These historic moments shaped the founding of the Royal House of Windsor. And influenced the way the royal family is seen to this day.

The transition to a modern monarchy, adapted to the challenges of the 20th century, was a milestone in the history of the House of Windsor. This change consolidated its position as a central institution in the national life of the United Kingdom.

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Traditions and Ceremonies: The Heart of the House of Windsor

Windsor "Royal Ascot"
Royal Ascot

The House of Windsor is known for its remarkable traditions and ceremonies. The world pauses to witness royal weddings, coronations, and funerals.

Who doesn't remember Prince Harry's wedding, Queen Elizabeth's funeral, or Charles' coronation! These ceremonies, transmitted to the world, awaken the imagination of thousands of people!

  • One of the most important ceremonies is Trooping the Color. This party celebrates the official birthday of the King or Queen of Great Britain. Soldiers march past the royal family, followed by a grand balcony performance at Buckingham Palace. This is a huge party that attracts crowds around the world.

  • The House of Windsor is known for its horse racing. The most famous is "Royal Ascot, one of the most important social events in the United Kingdom. It is a mix of tradition, elegance, and competition.

  • The House of Windsor also has its religious traditions. The "Order of the Garter" and "Maundy Thursday" are significant ceremonies. They celebrate the history and faith of the British monarchy.

The House of Windsor ceremonies are like a treasure chest that holds the history and culture of the English monarchy. They allow us to see the grandeur and tradition of the royal family up close. It was as if the palace doors had opened to reveal a magical world filled with meaning.

Places Associated with the House of Windsor

London bridge

There's nothing like a walk through London and surroundings to delve into the history of the British royal family:

1.Buckingham Palace:

  • The official residence of the King

  • Watch the changing of the guard, a traditional ceremony that takes place daily.

  • Explore the magnificent State Rooms during the summer and admire the opulence and splendor of royalty.

2. London Tower:

  • Find out the complex history of this place, which was once a royal residence, a prison, and even an arsenal.

  • Immerse yourself in the intrigues and tragedies that marked the history of the Tower of London.

  • Admire the beauty of the Crown Jewels and the fascinating collection of armor and weapons.

3. Hampton Court Palace:

  • Travel back in time to the Tudors and Baroque eras at this magnificent palace on the outskirts of London.

  • Explore the luxurious royal apartments, lush gardens, and famous labyrinths.

  • Imagine the grandeur and luxury of the palace, where you can experience the life of the royal court.

4. Frogmore House:

  • Visit the royal country house in Windsor Great Park, where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get married.

  • Discover the Royal Mausoleum, where Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are buried.

5. Jardins de Highgrove

  • The private residence of Charles and Camilla

  • Walk through the gardens, known for their natural beauty.

6. Windsor Castle:

  • Discover the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II.

  • Explore the sumptuous royal apartments.

  • Visit São Jorge Chapel, a historic site with rich history and architectural beauty.

  • Unveil the stories and secrets of the royal family that lived in the castle for centuries.

Read more about the Windsor city and Castle on the post Windsor: Royal Town with History, Charm, and Beauty


  • Take guided tours for a more complete and in-depth experience.

  • Observe the architectural details and artwork that tell fascinating stories.

  • Imagine yourself as part of the royal court as you explore the chambers and gardens.

Get ready for an unforgettable journey through the history of British royalty!

Visit Scotland to explore British royal history in more depth. Visit Edinburgh Castle and Holyroodhouse Palace!

To explore Edinburg Castle and Holyroodhouse Palace read Insider's Guide: Adventures in Edinburgh Over Two Days

Little-Known Curiosities

Windsor Elizabeth 1 and Mary Stuart
Elizabeth and Mary Stuart

Did you know that royalty also has their secrets and hobbies? Intrigues, scandals, and fights are not the privileges of ordinary mortals. The royal family offers us fascinating stories!

  • King George VI, father of Queen Elizabeth II, was a passionate stamp collector. This hobby helped him relax and disconnect from his royal role.

  • Queen Victoria had an unusual friendship with her Indian manservant, Abdul Karim. This relationship defied the norms of the time and is portrayed in the film "Victoria & Abdul. It's worth watching! A sensitive, moving, human film.

  • Charles, the current King of England, cares about the environment. He promotes organic farming on his property in Highgrove.

  • The forbidden love story between Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, a divorcée. A king who abdicated the throne for love. A tale of passion, scandal, and selflessness. His decision changed the course of history, leaving the path clear for Elizabeth II.

  • The rivalry between Elizabeth I and Mary Stuart. Two queens, two religions, and a power struggle that left a mark on the history of England.

  • The Nazi past of King Edward VIII, Elizabeth's uncle, and his links with Adolph Hitler.

These curiosities reveal more human aspects of monarchs. And add another layer to the royal story.

Cultural legacy

The Crown
The Crown - Netflix

The House of Windsor is not just a royal family but a cultural symbol of Britain. Its history is full of pomp, drama, and remarkable events.

It has inspired artists, writers, and filmmakers across generations, shaping the country's identity.

1.Influence on Art:

  • Majestic portraits of kings and queens, such as those by Sir Thomas Lawrence and Sir Anthony van Dyck.

  • Sculptures: monuments that immortalize historical moments. See the statue of Queen Victoria in front of Buckingham Palace.

  • Photography: images that capture royalty in public and private moments. Who hasn't seen Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding pictures?

2. Influence on Literature:

  • Biographies: Detailed narratives of the lives of royals. Read the biography of Queen Elizabeth II written by William Shawcross.

  • Historical novels: "Wolf Hall" by Hilary Mantel, which depicts the reign of Henry VIII. A reinterpretation of the reign of Henry VIII, focusing on the rise of Thomas Cromwell.

3. Influence on Cinema and television :

  • Films: historical dramas that portray events in royal history. Watch "The King's Speech" about the coronation of George VI. Unmissable!!

  • Series: fictional narratives that delve into the lives of royalty, such as The Crown. A dramatized look at the lives of Queen Elizabeth II and her family. It explores historical events, such as her crowning at age 25, and personal dramas. I loved this series!

  • "Victoria" A narrative about the life of Queen Victoria. It tells of her accession to the throne and her marriage to Prince Albert.

  • Documentaries: In-depth investigations into the history and behind-the-scenes of the royal family. Do you know "The Royal Family: A Year in Their Lives"?

The House of Windsor is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Which certainly contributes to the cultural identity of the United Kingdom. Through art, literature, film, and television, its history and legacy continue to influence and fascinate the world.


The history of the House of Windsor is a true feast for the mind and heart. Rich in details, remarkable events, and memorable characters. It transcends generations and continues to capture the imagination of audiences worldwide.

Explore its secrets and let yourself be carried away by the magic of British royalty!

Remember: There are several ways to learn more about the House of Windsor. There is no shortage of books or films. But nothing can beat a visit to historical sites!


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