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The mysteries of Petra: a journey through antiquity!

Updated: Jan 17

El-Khazneh - the Treasury - Petra
El-Khazneh - the Treasury

Have you heard of Petra Jordan? It is a place full of mysteries and beauty lost in time.

It is a historical treasure that enchants travelers from all over the world.

In this travel blog, we will explore Petra's secrets and ancient ruins!

A fascinating story and architectural wonders makes it unique. Come with us on this journey through antiquity!

Introduction to Petra

The Nabataeans, founded the city of Petra in the 6th century BC and turned it into a prosperous urban center.

The name "City of Roses" comes from the stone carvings buildings into the pink rock.

The journey begins through a canyon called Siq! Walking into Petra is already a magical experience. Stone rose red walls rise around you, creating a sense of mystery and grandeur.

Almost destroyed by an earthquake in 551! Nowadays, its ruins are a UNESCO Heritage Site.

It is a place of great historical and spiritual importance! Your visit will give you a deep understanding Petra's inhabitants culture and beliefs.

Petra's story

Petra's history is rich and fascinating.

The strategic location allowed the city to prosper. It became the spice trade hub in ancient times. A commercial and cultural center in the region.

The Nabataeans turned into prosperous urban residents and built their empire in Petra.

The city remained abandoned thousand years and ignored by the rest of the world until the 19th century. And then, rediscovered. Petra, the rose red city, has been an object of fascination, attracting visitors from all over the planet.

Exploring Petra

Start your journey through the Siq, the narrow gorge that leads to the city. Walk the stone paths and marvel at the rock wall formations dancing in the sunlight.

Walk through the narrow pass. Admire the buildings, public baths, tombs, temples, columns, and inscriptions.

The canyons and mountains serve as a natural hiding spot to Petra. Observe the ingenious water conservation system with pipelines, canals, and reservoirs.

As you approach the end of the Siq, Al-Khazneh - the Treasury - will appear before you. A temple carved into a 40m high cliff revealing its stunning beauty!

After admiring the Treasury, continue your journey. Explore the Roman Theater, where the Nabataeans gathered to watch theatrical performances.

Climb up to the Monastery and enjoy the panoramic views and impressive architecture.

Visit the Altar of Sacrifice, where the Nabataeans held religious rituals.

Each structure has a unique story and contributes to the magical atmosphere.

The importance of Petra in ancient times

Petra was once a thriving city and an important commercial centre, where different cultures and civilizations met. This influenced architecture and traditions, creating a unique and diverse city.

Furthermore, Petra was a point of convergence for trade routes. This contributed to its prosperity and wealth.

Conclusion: Petra's Enduring Allure

Petra is a place that captivates the imagination and awakens a sense of wonder. Its fascinating history and stunning architecture make it a unique destination.

So, don't miss the chance to visit this place and discover Petra!

Tips for visiting

Don't forget to wear comfortable clothes and shoes suitable for walking. Bring sunscreen, a hat, and water because desert weather can be harsh.

You can get to know Petra in one day unless you like to visit everything. Stay for one night and enjoy a fantastic sunset. There are hotels close to the city to avoid long commutes.

Hire a local guide! They know everything about the history and can make your experience even better.

You can overcome the first 3.5 km downhill. But be prepared for the return! Under a 35-degree temperature, it requires some energy or a ride in a carriage for 30 euros!

How to get

The ancient city is in southern Jordan, about a 3-hour from the capital, Amman. You can also take a bus or taxi to get there.

If you are coming from Israel, you can cross the border in Eilat and take a bus or taxi to Petra. We recommend hiring a tour from Eilat. They will take care of all bureaucratic procedures, such as visas.

One bus will take you from the center of Eilat to the border and back at the end of the day. A second one will wait for you beyond the Jordanian border. The old city is over 2 hours away. On your way, a guide will give you explanations about the city.

Book your trip today and experience this journey!

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Indiana Jones and Petra

Are you a fan of Indiana Jones movies? If yes, you should know that several scenes of Indiana Jones and the last crusade were filmed in Petra. The closing sequence took place in the labyrinths of the Treasury.


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